Tevel b'Tzedek

Tevel is an Israeli NGO that aims to create Israeli and Jewish leadership passionately engaged in Tikkun Olam—fixing the world—locally and globally.

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About the program

The Matanel Fellowship program is a unique volunteer program that enables participants to integrate into community activities for a month while familiarizing themselves with Nepalese culture.

During the program, the volunteers get to live with Nepali families, experience Nepalese culture and become part of the local community. The volunteers are integrated into the organization’s work in the village in the fields of agriculture, the youth movement, education in schools and in the women’s groups.

The program is designed for travelers, professionals and anyone interested in contributing their time to experience a unique cultural experience.

Tevel b’Tzedek is an organization that works and plans with the local communities, and therefore the work in the village is done over several years; the volunteers are part of this ongoing and sustainable process.

Who is eligible to volunteer?

The program is designed for anyone who wants to be a part of our work and activities in the various communities. Most of the volunteers are backpackers who are currently traveling in Nepal, aged 20-30. These travels want to an empowering and meaningful experience of contribution as part of their trip, and an in-depth knowledge of Nepalese culture.

The program’s duration is about a month, and includes 3-5 days of orientation in Kathmandu, where volunteers participate in language lessons, familiarity with Nepalese culture, and deepening their knowledge of globalization, developing countries, community work, and the Jewish world.

At the end of the orientation, the volunteers move to the village. At this stage, the volunteers are divided into pairs and live at families’ homes in Dungkaraha village, about 4 hours from Kathmandu. The volunteers ear and sleep at the family and become part of the family for the entire month.


The volunteers  integrate into various volunteer activities together with the local team: empowerment of women, work with youth, agriculture, and education.

Volunteering includes participation in group activities and group facilitation along with participation in unique projects in the village.


Towards the end of the month, the volunteers will return for a seminar in Kathmandu to document their work in order to transfer their knowledge and experience to the next group, thus creating a continuum of work in the village.

Program structure

The cost of the program is $500. This sum covers the expenses of the host families in the villages, food, travel and the study seminar. The cost does not cover flights, medical insurance and visas.


This amount covers all the volunteer's expenses during the month except for personal expenses, entertainment and luxuries.

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